Iona Society At St. Columba’s

We have a vision for St. Columba’s that requires a strong endowment.  St. Columba’s has many ministries and interests but is not presently able to fully execute many of these. A robust Endowment Fund will provide St. Columba’s with earnings income to execute a variety of long term programs such as:

           1. Increased Clergy support

           2. Increased support to Campus Ministry at CSU Channel Islands

           3. Increased support to our Food Programs

           4. Increased support to community projects and programs

           5. Increased Staff support, such as Youth and Family Ministry, and Senior Programs

           6. Augmentation of maintenance and capital improvement funds to meet short term urgent needs, when the General Fund is not



Every year, St. Columba’s has a challenge balancing the General Fund Budget.  Every year we have to forego 20 to 50 thousand dollars in programs and improvements.  We now have a tool that will allow us to start making a dent in the mound of non executable projects and programs. As our Endowment Fund grows we shall be able to fund many more projects and programs using only a portion of the earnings from the investment.

For every $100,000 that St. Columba’s has invested in the Endowment Fund we can withdraw $3000 – $5,000 annually without jeopardizing the capital amount in the fund.

Your support of the Endowment Fund through your membership in the Iona Society is greatly appreciated

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Planned Giving, St. Columba’s Endowment Fund and the Iona Society





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